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Sunrise over waterfront park

3-5 Person Relay Team Information

Important Relay Team Information

Exact distances for each leg:

LEG 1: 6.3 miles. Main Street Relay Exchange.
LEG 2: 6.8 miles. Lake Street Relay Exchange.
LEG 3: 6.2 miles. Main Street Relay Exchange.
LEG 4: 4.1 miles. Leddy Park Relay Exchange.
LEG 5: 2.8 miles. Last Leg.

Timing & Runner Tracking

The M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon 3-5 Person Relay will be timed using tagged bibs attached to race belts. Our ability to provide accurate timing and essential medical assistance when necessary depends on you.

Follow these steps to help us serve you:

Bibs & Race Belts

  • All relay teams will receive a bib with a timing tag attached to the back as well as a race belt for securing the tagged bib. These are the official, and only accepted timing devices for the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon & Relays. Relay teams will also receive one smaller, untagged bib for each runner on the team. These bibs are for identification and to allow runners to access race services.
  • Complete the emergency contact information on the back of your bib. This information may save your life.
  • Clip the race belt with the tagged bib around your waist. The race belt--with tagged bib attached--will be passed from relay runner to relay runner during the race.
  • Pin the smaller, untagged bib to the front of your shirt.
  • Keep your bibs visible at all times.
  • Do not fold, crumple or otherwise alter your bibs.
  • No tagged bib? No time, no exceptions.
  • Your tagged bib will be read at the start, finish and intermediate locations. You must cross all locations to receive an official time.
  • Do not trade bibs with anyone. All runners must be registered to participate; running under another's name or bib will result in immediate disqualification according to USATF rules.

Relay Shuttle Buses

Relay shuttle buses will be available to transport 3-5 person relay runners to and from the Leddy Park Relay Exchange Zone. Buses will begin transporting fifth-leg runners from the North Street/Drew Street intersection at 7:50am. Runners will be dropped off at the west side of the Hannaford parking lot, located in the Ethan Allen Plaza, near an open gate leading to a well-marked path to the Relay Exchange Zone (adjacent to the tennis courts). Buses will also be available to transport runners who finish their relay leg(s) to the North Street/Drew Street intersection, which is approximately one block north of Battery Park. From there it's a 5-minute walk down Depot Street to Waterfront Park.

Gear Check

Gear check will be available at Waterfront Park.

Note: Participants MUST use the clear gear check bags provided in your runner bag at Race Packet Pick-Up. NO OTHER BAGS will be checked, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not leave bags of any kind unattended. Any items left unattended will be removed immediately and destroyed.

Gear check is intended for race-day gear (warm-ups, post-race clothing). Write your name, bib # and cell phone number on your gear check bag in the space provided. We promise to take good care of your possessions, but urge you not to check your valuables. Please claim your gear as soon as possible after you complete the race. At 2:30pm, unclaimed gear will be transferred to the RunVermont office (One Main Street, Suite 304, Burlington). Items not claimed in one week will be donated to charity.