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Bikepath Adirondack backdrop with runners

Unregistered Runner Policy

RunVermont events are organized under and conducted according to USATF and RRCA rules. Anyone who participates in an event produced by RunVermont must be properly registered and must have paid any required registration fees prior to the start of the race. Entrants in RunVermont events will be given a race bib for scoring purposes and to aid course officials in identifying legitimate participants during the event. Bibs may not be transferred from a registered participant to any other person. A registered runner who provides their bib to another runner will also be treated as an unregistered runner and subject to the sanctions described here. Individuals who participate in any RunVermont event without registering will be removed from the race and may also be subject to additional sanctions from USATF and/or RRCA. Additional sanctions may be taken including prosecution for theft of services. RunVermont reserves the right to bar unregistered participants from future RunVermont events.