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Transfer & Deferral

M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon Only - Deferral Policy 

MARATHON DEFERRAL ONLY (relay team deferrals are not permitted) are available to those runners who have NOT purchased race insurance. One-year Marathon deferrals are available until 5/16/2024 and we will provide the registrant with a $40 discount on the 2025 Marathon registration.

RELAY TRANSFER POLICY: Relay Captains may transfer Captainship to another team member. This is the process to use if you wish to transfer your relay team to other runners - simply invite the new Captain to join your team (there must be at least 1 team spot open), and after that person joins your team switch Captain designation from you to the other runner. This is accomplished through your RunSignup profile.

MARATHON TO RELAY TRANSFER: Marathon entrants may opt to transfer from the Marathon to a Relay team. They will become Captain of that team and will have responsibility for all the usual Captain functions. Entrants choosing this option will pay the difference between the current Relay registration fee and the amount they paid for their marathon entry. This option is available through 5/16/2024, unless relay entries sell out prior to that date. This transfer is done through your RunSignup profile.

Race Transfer and Deferral Policy

A participant may transfer his/her registration from one race to another by using the registration fee paid for one race as a credit toward a future race. This policy applies to the following RunVermont races: Freezy Cheeks 5k Series, Half Marathon Unplugged, Summer 6 Pack Series, and Island Vines 10k/5k.

This policy DOES NOT apply to the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay.

  • A participant can use their registration fee paid for any of the above races as credit toward a future RunVermont race held within one year, or toward same race the following year.
  • If credit is less than registration fee of the future race, a participant will pay the difference in registration fees between the two races. However, if credit is greater than registration fee of future race, the participant will not receive a refund.
  • The credit amount consists solely of the registration fee; processing fees and any purchases or donations are excluded.
  • A participant may not split credit among future races; credit is only allowed for one future race.
  • A participant currently registered for more than one race at the same time cannot combine credits from both races toward a future race.
  • Credits may only be used toward races for which participant is not currently registered.
  • Once a transfer is complete, the participant is withdrawn from the original race.
  • The policy does not apply to participants who have received comp entries.
  • A participant cannot transfer out of a race within 10 days of that race’s start date.
  • The deferral option may be used if a participant wants to transfer to the same race the following year and that race is not currently open.
  • If a race is sold out, a transfer may not be used to enter that race.
  • Transfer credits may not be used for race day registration.
  • Instructions on transferring to another race can be found here.
  • To request a race transfer to a race not currently open, please contact us here