New2-26.2 Training Tip

As we pass the halfway point in your marathon training, it is time to take inventory of where you are now and how far you’ve come (literally and figuratively) since your began training. Hopefully, you have noticed changes in your conditioning which now allow you to tackle mileage which you didn’t think possible when this all began. As I stated to you back in the beginning, marathon training is a period of self-discovery as you find out what you are capable of both physically and mentally.

After so many weeks and so many miles, there is a chance that some of you are experiencing aches and pains which you never had before. It is important not to dismiss these sensations no matter how insignificant they might seem now.  It isn’t uncommon to be stiff and sore, especially after your longer runs, but that soreness should resolve after several days. This is a natural process as our muscle fibers undergo microscopic tears during bouts of exercise. These tears get mended with proper rest and recovery. But if you are experience soreness that doesn’t go away or get worse during your runs, then it might be time to visit a physical therapist and make sure you aren’t dealing with the beginnings of an injury.

The biggest difference between being injured and being hurt is that if you have to modify how you’re running due to some type of pain, then this would most likely be an injury. If you are sore or have pain which goes away, or at the very least doesn’t get worse during your run, then you are most likely hurt, but can probably continue running provided the pain doesn’t increase in intensity.  In either scenario, catching these issues early and visiting a physical therapist could go a long way towards avoiding an injury which could keep you on the sidelines for an extended period of time.


Coach Sam Davis