PPUBVCM, marathon, VCM, Church Street, BurlingtonAs I sit at my desk and look out the window at the season's first real snowfall, I realize it won’t be long and we’ll be in the new decade...2020! So now you can insert the usual laments like; where did the time go, when did I get so old, and the classic; this is the year I’m going to get into shape again. Well, if any of those thoughts apply, the team at RunVermont replies with a hearty “we feel ya!”

So, let’s work together to turn those thoughts into actions in 2020... come and experience the magic of the marathon. So much has happened recently in the world of running, the first sub 2-hour marathon (that’s 4:34 per mile) and a new women’s world record (2:14:04) that it’s hard not to get excited about running the iconic distance. Maybe you’ve never done it; don’t fret, we can help. Maybe you’ve run several marathons; we’ve still got something special to offer, an experience you won’t forget.

To make it easier on you, and no one ever said running a marathon was easy – after all, if it was easy there wouldn’t be so much satisfaction in the accomplishment. But to assist, we’re going to provide you with a free training plan – for both the marathon and half marathon distances. The plans will come to you in segments, easy to digest and less to be concerned with. We’ll also be offering some insights on nutrition, injury prevention, recovery strategies, mental preparation and “hardening” and much more.

And if you would like some additional guidance, we have our New2-26.2 program which combines a training plan with a dedicated online interactive coaching portal where you can talk with Coach Sam Davis to answer the questions you’ll pose and provide you the guidance to persevere.

At RunVermont, we’re not just a bunch of event organizers, we’ve assembled a team to introduce you to running, show you how to connect with others and maximize your enjoyment of the sport. We have registered dietitians, USATF-certified coaches, enthusiastic sponsors, industry experts and yes, the best event organizers around. Please join us in 2020 for an experience you’ll not regret. The hardest step is the first one. Let’s do it together. Left, right, repeat – it's that simple.