"How do I put into words my love of the Vermont City Marathon? Together with the people at RunVermont, the volunteers, the people of Burlington, the spectators and all of the runners, you have hands-down one of the best racing events in New England. This fast, scenic course brought me my marathon PR in 2015. VCM was my first experience racing as an elite. The support of the race was top notch! When the heat of 2016 race began to take a toll, the people of Burlington came out in droves with water hoses, ice, popsicles, etc to help us reach the finish line in one piece. This wasn't just about running a marathon; it was about feeling like we were part of a community all working together to get us to the finish line. Whether you're looking for your first marathon or wanting to be a part of the Invited Runners, VCM does it all for everyone. VCM 2017!"