My marathon training plan has me running a total of 562 miles. There are four weeks until race day and I've just crossed the 80% mark in terms of completed mileage.  I may still be a novice, but I've learned a few lessons along my 452 completed training miles:

Rule #1: There is no shortcut in the training plan for a marathon.

The miles simply need to be run. This rule is sometimes in conflict with Rule #9.  Oh well.

Rule #2: Running in 50° weather is much more enjoyable than running when it is -20° outside. I’d elaborate on this rule, but if you live in Vermont, you need no further proof.

mileage sign

Rule #8: The comedian Steven Wright says that "everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time."  The  same rule applies to running. No distance is too far.

Of course I should wait until I complete my 26.2 miles before saying this too loudly.

Rule #9: Running is supposed to be fun.

If it isn’t fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Rule #10: Miles go faster when you have a running partner.  After all, whining about pain and exhaustion is no fun without someone to hear you!

Of course, all of these rules may be wrong… I am still a rookie after all!

And by the way, for those who have been reading my blog since my first one- I've been practicing (far from other people) and I'm finally getting pretty good at the "snot rocket!"


Until next week,