To view your team page, start by logging into your RunSignUp profile at

Click down-arrow in upper, right-hand corner of screen.


If you click on your team name, you will go to your team page (sample below). The ‘Edit Group’ link allows you to make changes to your team name, division and password.


To invite friends to join your team, click the ‘Invite Friends’ button. To remove someone from your team, click the ‘X’ next to the group member you wish to remove. By clicking update you are able to make changes to your team, such as the division (gender, age group), team name and password (see below). This takes you to the same screen as the ‘Edit Group’ option mentioned above.


All the fields are editable by the team captain. If you need to change your team type, click the down arrow and select the new team type. Passwords can be changed, added, removed as necessary. After making changes, click the ‘Update Relay Team’ button. Please note that this password is your team password; not the password you used when creating your RunSignUp profile. As described team passwords are optional and must be entered by any team member looking to join your team.