Congratulations are in order for 12 competitors at this year's M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon who established new records for the marathon distance for their age. Our files go back to 1971, when the GMAA Green Mountain Marathon first took place in Colchester, and we believe they are complete for all Vermont marathons with a few exceptions in the earlier years. 12 new records is a lot, more than I've seen at any one race in the 10+/- years since I've been keeping this file. I'll attribute it to the USATF-NE Grand Prix status which brought a lot of the region's top age group competitors to Burlington for this year's race.

  • Kasie Enman F35 2:49:03
  • Mary-Lynn Currier F51 3:01:30
  • Maria Servin F52 3:24:18
  • Lisa Zappala F54 3:25:40
  • Jacqueline Shakar F55 3:27:47
  • Nancy Corsaro F56 3:20:06
  • Sue Hackney F58 3:27:35
  • Dot Helling F65 3:59:35
  • Blair Teal M29 2:19:34
  • Matt Pelletier M35 2:19:12
  • Joe Shairs M47 2:46:35
  • Jim Miller M56 2:51:45
Corsaro, Helling and Miller's times also established new 5-year age group records in the state.

Looking at the above performances, a few things stand out to me:

  1. Whirlaway's masters women are fast!!! Maria Servin, Lisa Zappala and Nancy Corsaro all race for Whirlaway.
  2. Jim Miller, welcome back to the marathon in a big way! Jim took down Vermont legend Hugh Short's existing record by 12+ minutes. Hugh's record was tied for the longest-standing on the books, and went back 37 years to the 1978 Green Mountain Island Marathon.
  3. Jacqueline Shakar and Sue Hackney also took down long-standing records that went back to 1995 and 1993, respectively
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