Over the last 28 years, you’ve helped us to host one of Vermont’s most spectacular events… the Vermont City Marathon. And every year, our runners tell us “We love the people of Burlington, they make this a great race!”

The next thing they tell us is they want to start the race earlier (and after last year’s weather, who could blame them). So we have worked with our municipal partners to obtain the necessary permits to move the official start time to 7am.

What that means is that we’ll be getting things going a full hour earlier than we have in recent years, and it also means that we’ll be returning Battery Park to full public use an hour earlier as well.

As we wish to maintain your support, there will be additional efforts to reduce the impact on our Battery Park neighbors. For more details, please visit our blog at www.runvcm.org.

If you have suggestions we would love to hear them, contact us via info@runvermont.org.

We look forward to another great race on May 28, 2017 - hope you’ll join us in showing the runners some of our famous Vermont hospitality.

Why Move the Marathon Start to 7am?

More and more runners request it every year

Makes for an hour of cooler running temperatures 7am- 8am vs 1pm-2pm.

Better safety for runners and volunteers alike

Reduced exposure to afternoon thunder storms

Moves the impact on city services and facilities to more off peak times

What about some help in controlling noise before and during the start at Battery Park?

Additional security will patrol the start area and the interfaces with residential homes

Amplified sound window will not commence until 30 minutes before the start (previously this was 45 minutes)

All amplified sound that is used at the start will be controlled and directed into Battery Park until runners are directed into the corral and the playing of the National anthem at 6:50am

Additional volunteers will patrol the start areas with signage to “respect our neighbors”

Pre-event communications to all participants will highlight the need to “respect our neighbors” throughout the event.

Additional thoughts or questions? Please email us at info@runvermont.org and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

We sincerely thank you for all your support and patience in providing this great event for the past 28 years.