We are excited to have Clif Shot Energy Gels at miles 11.8 and 19 at the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon on Sunday, May 28.


The CLIF® Athlete Series is performance food, carefully crafted to support athletes before, during and after their most challenging adventures. Together, the series of products meets the energy, hydration and recovery needs of athletes using organic ingredients in each recipe.


The CLIF® Athlete Series delivers streamlined nutrition to performance athletes, providing the nutrients needed most for training and competing.

CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel: Great tasting and quick energy from carbohydrates Streamlined packaging: Smaller opening and rounded corners. Easier to carry and use, with Litter Leash® feature to help prevent the tear tops from littering the environment. Thin consistency: dispenses easily, goes down quickly 85% to 90% organic ingredients, depending on flavor. Organic means non GMO and more! Zero grams trans fat and does not contain partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives. Usage: During activity (always follow with water)

Clif Shot flavors: Mocha (with caffeine), Citrus, Razz and Vanilla

Aid Stations

All aid stations have trained medical staff, radio operators and port-o-lets.

Clif Shot Energy Gel will be provided at miles 11.8 and 19. Pretzels, potato chips and oranges and miles 11.8 and 19 Gatorade Endurance Formula – Lemon Lime at all aid stations. Vermont Pure Water at all aid stations We have Gummy Bears, Skittles and Mini Starburst mile 15.7 and ice pops at mile 23.5 - compliments Hannaford Supermarkets!