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A Girl running past spectators


Meeting Family and Friends

Parents will be given access to a controlled corral at the Finish Area to reunite with their child. A numbered tear tag from your child's bib will be required to enter the corral. Once you have reunited with your runner, simply show the tear tag that matches the bib number on your child to safely exit the corral. This system is for the protection of your child and your family; your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

To reunite with others friends and family members, pick a meeting place in advance of your child's race that is away from the action at the finish line. Here are some good places for runners and loved ones to reunite:

  • The Overlook on the Boardwalk at Waterfront Park
  • Boathouse near Waterfront Park
  • ECHO Center near Waterfront Park

Info Booth

An Info Booth will be centrally located in Waterfront Park to assist you with any questions at the event. Anyone in a yellow jacket can answer questions for you!

Free Valet Bike Parking

Will be available at Waterfront Park. Runners, volunteers, and spectators can drop their bikes, strollers, scooters or similar devices at one of the Valet Bike Parking locations around the park. Trained staff and volunteers will watch your bike so you can enjoy the events. Mini Marathon Bike Parking opens at 7:30AM and closes at 11:30AM and is located on Lake Street just north of the College Street intersection. Services provided by Local Motion.