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The People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon Announces Never Give Up Ever as the 2018 Charity of Choice

Burlington, Vermont (March 26, 2018) – RunVermont and the People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon proudly announce that Never Give Up Ever will serve as the “Charity of Choice” for the 30th edition of Vermont’s largest road race.

Team Never Give Up Ever is a group of runners who share a common goal: to help families with children suffering from chronic and life threatening illnesses. Families of children with illness often endure serious financial hardship in addition to the  emotional and logistical challenges faced when caring for a sick child. Team NGUE strives to ease this financial burden for families. 100% of the funds raised go directly to families in need.

When Founder Jackie Bombardier observed that families with children in long term care were losing jobs, businesses and homes in order to stay by the side of a loved one she sprang into action. "The marathon provides a great way for us to get in shape, and raise money for a great cause. It connects us in a way we could never imagine and creates a bond as we strive to reach common goals; Raise awareness and money and finish the Marathon!" said Bombardier.

Recognizing the need was only the first step. “We needed to raise some money” stated Bombardier. As an avid distance runner, she knew just where to turn. In 2004, Never Give Up Ever formed a group of runners who pledged to turn some sweat equity into hard currency and fill some gaps in the service spectrum. Their next stop… the start line of the marathon.

“It’s such a great fit for NGUE and our event” states Peter Delaney, Executive Director of RunVemont.  “Runners have a lot to give, and not just money. The energy that Team Never Give Up Ever brings to the race is infectious – and it spreads throughout the community. I think every year since they started, they’ve raised more money and increased the number of runners on the team; what more could you ask for?”

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The People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon is the largest sporting event in Vermont with over 8000 runners competing in the marathon and relay events. The course highlights the historic city streets and the majestic lake and mountain views of Burlington, VT. The People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon brings over three million dollars to Vermont annually.  For more information about the event or to get involved, go to