[caption id="attachment_7167" align="alignright" width="214"] One of your fellow newbies ripping it up![/caption]

For some of you who may be running the Half Marathon Unplugged next weekend, this race presents you with the opportunity to get in some race day practice before PUBVCM. It is a time to find out what clothing will best serve you, what sports gels and other energy foods you want to ingest, along with an appropriate hydration schedule. Of course, all of these factors will be influenced by the weather, both  next week and on the actual day of the marathon. But it does give you the chance to test out what works and want doesn’t so that you’re not caught by surprise on race day. This applies to those of you who will be out doing your weekend long runs as well. So many runners are felled not by running the 26.2 miles, but by doing things they didn’t test out during their long runs.

The important thing to remember is not to experiment on race day, but have it all figured out, most of it anyway, before you toe the on May 29th!

Coach Sam