Hey, all!

Ellane here. I got through this week of training. I have been breaking in my new shoes, which has been amazingly great for my feet. I take this week to encourage all of the newbies and maybe some of the veterans to pay attention to what your body is telling you. The importance of proper running gear cannot be understated. The perfect shoes for your particular feet are out there. Do your research and get your feet assessed. Proper shoes will be one of the best investments you will make!

My miles this week went well with not many hiccups. I'm thankful for Coach Sam. He sent out a message that reminded me that this is my first marathon and that finishing is what my main goal should be as a newbie. Focus, be consistent, and as for me, don’t worry about where you will finish. Pay attention to your body, be healthy, and trust that the training you put in will get you safely across that finish line to becoming the marathoner you've set out on becoming.


My blister problem has settled down from previous weeks. My problem now is my knees and ankles hurt on longer runs. I know it's due to the extra weight I'm carrying. It's hard to manage calorie intake for weight loss when you burn 1000 calories on a run and then want to eat an entire side of beef because you're starving. Marathon training is certainly not a weight loss program.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Phoenix this week while the weather was perfect for running outside. I'm grateful I wasn't stuck on a hotel treadmill again. I found a great running/cycling park in Tempe along the Salt River that was perfect.

My biggest challenge this week has been the need to stretch. My calves and hip flexors kill me for the first three miles of the run until I get loose. This is the main reason I have to take walking breaks. My breathing and cardio are coming along, so I don't feel out of breath at all when I run. The goal now is to take off a few pounds and stretch better. Other than that, it has been a good week for running!


Until next time! #familyfun