Hello, it’s Ellane. This week of training was hard—although, technically speaking, it was an easy week distance wise. Life had other things that needed to get done. With my son’s birthday and Easter, there just was not enough hours in the days. I was able to get my runs in at the beginning of the week. Come mid-week it became increasingly difficult to have time to run. Between work, party prep, baking a race car birthday cake, rolls, ham, and sides, time was nonexistent. You know what though, life will get in the way sometimes and that's okay. I can’t get down on myself because I wasn’t able to do some of my training. 

race car birthday cakeI will move forward to the rest of my training, and put in the miles ahead. Hopefully, everyone's' holiday and training is going well!


Hi, everyone, Chantel here! It has been a while since you have heard from me. Let me recap somethings. The training is going well! Now that I am past somethings I had going on with CrossFit, I have been able to focus more on my running.

Rookie ChantelThese have been the hardest two weeks of all. 10 mile or more runs are brutal. I need two days to recover. The backs of my knees are tender, and I only have two toes left that haven’t been covered in blisters. I find myself thinking about crazy things while I’m running. Mainly, I focus on how I’m running— relaxing my shoulders and neck to avoid the pain that comes afterward. I’m hoping that my body will build up a tolerance for these longer runs because I don’t want to dread running. I want it to remain something that I enjoy, and at the moment that’s what I’m struggling with. I will keep focused and move forward.


Until next time!