For the first-timers, there was shock and awe on each face as they were told to leave their phones at home during runs. For many of the kids, this is the first time being a part of a group like this; the first time training for a run as long as this.


SKIRACK made eased away much of the first-day jitters by generously letting the runners come to the store and pick out and get sized for shoes. SKIRACK, RunVermont, and all the coaches involved could not stress more the importance that properly fitted footwear has on these young runners.

Nine-year-old, Hayden, saw the time at SKIRACK as the highlight of his week. “I’ve wanted new shoes for a while so this is awesome!”

All the kids were thrilled about their new shoes. Rock Point 8th grader River didn’t get the color he was hoping, but he did say, “These are still pretty fine.”

The students plan to run every Wednesdayand Saturday at 10:00 leading up to the big race. All are competing in relay teams anywhere from 5 – 2 people--hoping to complete anywhere between 3.1 miles to a half marathon. The goal for all of them, though, is to work hard and enjoy their 12 weeks running!