Hey everyone! Let me introduce myself; My name is Crystal. I am a mother, wife, fitness enthusiast and runner. Of course I wasn’t always these things, even the runner part. My kids love doing pizza nights. We have a great time making our own pizzas, and it’s a great way to spend time together. What they want on their pizza and what I want on mine are entirely different. We make our own, and it’s more fun and tastes better than ordering out. Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite pizza combinations.


Veggie Goat Cheese & Pesto Pizza


Crust of your choice (I love using Flatout pizza bread or even our local Pastabilities makes some great premade pizza dough)

Goat Cheese


Fresh Spinach

Top with sliced Tomato

Add your peppers and onions

Slice Fresh Mozzarella to be the final layer

Sprinkle with Italian Seasoning

Bake then Eat!

This pizza isn’t too heavy and it is not greasy. It is full of color and flavor! Next time you are craving your carbs give this a try!

Happy Running friends!