Looks like you really shouldn't miss the M&T Bank Vermont CityHL-logo-200x200 Marathon!

HolidayLettings, a TripAdvisor website, recently featured us as one of '50 US Road Races to Attempt in your Lifetime,' alongside other races such as the Clarence Delmar Marathon in New Hampshire, the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado, and the Harpoon 5 Miler in Boston! While you're in town, how about checking out some of these great local businesses!

[caption id="attachment_7284" align="alignright" width="229"] Not only a great place to eat, but Leunig's is a great spectating spot![/caption]

Leunig's Bistro on Church and College features one of the best Sunday brunches in Burlington, so if you are thinking you could go for a nice brunch after your run (or if you think your family would enjoy it while you're out), they serve between 10 and 2.

Miss brunch because you enjoyed running a little too much? Then check out The Farmhouse on the corner of Church and Bank. One of Burlington's newest pubs, The Farmhouse features locally sourced ingredients in many classic dishes. Dining room too busy? 21+ customers can head downstairs to the Tap Room to kill some time with a drink and a speakeasy atmosphere.

Once it comes time to recover, you can head back down to the finish line and visit the ECHO Center to learn all about the lake you just ran alongside, from it's history to all of the aquatic creatures that call it home.

Sea creatures not your style? Head south on Route 7 to visit the Shelburne Museum, home of one of North America's largest collections of folk art and Americana, including the current home of the large steamboatĀ Ticonderoga (nearly two miles away from the water?!).

What are a lighthouse and a paddle-boat doing nearly two miles away from the lake?

So much to see in the Burlington area before and after the marathon. See you soon!