December 2023

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In this edition of the RunVermont Pulse

1. Some words from our Director, Connelly's Corner

2. Freezy Cheeks is back! (+ a video montage from 2023 S6P)

3. Registration is open for Unplugged AND VCM

4. Behind the Bib by Chuck Spear

5. RunVermont's FunRun at Highlight Burlington

6. Training for the marathon

7. Supporter Shoutout: City of Burlington


Connelly's Corner


Reality Check

On Thanksgiving morning I met most of our staff at UVM to run in the GMAA’s Turkey Trot. It’s an amazing grass roots community race/run. Or maybe “run/race” is more appropriate? My first race ever was a Turkey Trot in Schenectady, NY my freshman year of college. Reality check, that was 1983, 40 years ago. (What?!?) The GMAA does a fantastic job with their Turkey Trot. It’s informal, but the course is accurate. So often we get emails here at the RunVermont office asking if our races are chip timed and I know that’s a big deal for a lot of runners (and yes, ours are), but the GMAA’s Turkey Trot shows that maybe chip timing isn’t that critical to having a good time at a race because the GMAA not only doesn’t chip time this race, they don’t provide finish times at all! 

My reality check came at about mile 1.5 of the Turkey Trot. For most of 2023 I’ve been inconsistent with my running. I haven’t missed many weeks, but I can’t think of too many weeks that I’ve been able to get out and get some miles in more than twice. Turning off the paved bikepath onto the gravel trail, that inconsistency reared its ugly head. Massive fatigue, legs and lungs. Made it to mile 2, stopped to take a break. Reality check. Jogged back to the finish line. 

With this sport, you are either getting it done or you are not. “Sort of” has to fall one way or the other. I’m pleased to report that since the Turkey Trot I’ve been getting it done and I haven’t missed a day. I’m not going far. I’m not going fast. But I’m out there and it feels darn good. My goal is to keep this daily habit going as long as I can. Some days I get to run with our staff, some days I get to run with other friends. And some days I get to run alone with my thoughts, which has always been one of my favorite things. I know there will come a day when travel gets in the way, or when I get the chance to do an early morning long XC ski that saps me for a run later on, and I’m fine with that. I’m not here to be a streaker, I’m just here to answer the reality check that was presented this Thanksgiving. 

As we move into 2024, I want to say Thank You to everybody who is a part of the RunVermont family for your energy and the way you motivate us. Whatever your 2023 has been, we hope that 2024 brings you good luck and good health. See you at a run soon!!!

Freezy Cheeks is back!



Bundle up and run with us at our 2024 Freezy Cheeks series.

These races are open-start, meaning you can start at any time between 11:00 AM and noon.  

1. Saturday, January 20th at Zero Gravity

2. Saturday, February 17th at Foam

3. Saturday, March 16th at Switchback

Full series registration includes a 20% discount AND a buff to keep you warm on your run!

Register Here


RunVermont's Race Operations team member, Moe Brown, created this video to showcase how much fun we have at our DIY races. 

Click on the image below to watch a montage of our 2023 Summer 6 Pack 5K Series


Registration is open for Unplugged and VCM!

Lindsay (pictured below) ran in both the Half Marathon Unplugged and the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon this year.

blog_lindsay-1.jpg     blog_lindsay-2.jpg


"It was wonderful to run in the Unplugged half marathon and the VCM this year! I ran my first full marathon this year at the VCM, and Unplugged was a perfect race to run mid-training. I am very grateful to RunVermont for putting on these amazing races. The fellow runners, volunteers, and community members helped inspire me to keep running the whole way through!"



Special debut of 

Behind the Bib

by our Registration Director, Chuck Spear

Unplugged, scheduled six weeks prior to VCM, is an ideal tune-up for the marathon. If you’re eyeballing late January to start training, this timing works great for many half and full marathon training plans. Even if the full 26.2-mile marathon is off the table for you this time around, Unplugged is a great prep for either the 2-person or 5-person relay event. It is also an excellent opportunity to grab a few friends and enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend tradition together. 

But wait, there’s even more for those opting for the shorter relay legs. Unplugged also offers its own unique 2-person relay event in which both team members can split the 13.1-mile distance any way they would like. Knock that one off and you will put yourself in a great position to take on (and take down!) either of the VCM relay events. 


blog_unplugged-logo.png     blog.jpgblog_vcm-circle-logo.jpg


We are offering a multi-race bundle that includes a full marathon registration and a half marathon registration. Just as Lindsay stated above, Unplugged is a perfect checkpoint on your training journey with 6 weeks before the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon.

The current price will increase on January 1.

More info about the multi-race bundle

RunVermont FunRun at Highlight Burlington


Who is up for a group run on New Year's Eve? We are excited to partner with Burlington City Arts at the Highlight Festival to kick off a healthy and happy 2024. This FunRun is open to runners and walkers. We will be meeting at Waterfront Park, where Highlight will have bands and DJs 2pm-10pm. We will set up courses at 1 mile, 5k, and 5 miles and our crew will be there to run with you. The RunVermont FunRun begins at 2:00pm.

There is no charge to participate. This is all about bringing our community together to get some exercise. If you would like to experience all of the fun activities of Highlight, you will need a button.

We look forward to running with you!

M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon Training


If you are interested in some outside assistance for the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon, we are here to help! We offer our Rdy2Run program for those who register for our marathon. During the registration process, you will be given the option to signup for the program. Upon registration, you will be invited to a private Facebook group where online discussions will take place. You will also be connected to your coach via email where you will receive training tips and develop your personalized training plan.

Sam Davis, the Leader and Coach of our Rdy2Run program has worked with RunVermont for countless years. His knowledge, personal experience and expertise in marathon training has allowed him to train dozens of runners to successfully complete their VCM.

We also have free 26.2 beginner and intermediate training plans available here.

Supporter Shoutout, City of Burlington


We are extremely grateful for the support we get from the City of Burlington. There is no way we would be able to bring the M&T Bank VCM, Unplugged, our Freezy Cheeks and Summer 6 Pack Series’, and all of the other races we have produced in Burlington since 1989 to all you racers without strong support from the city. We work incredibly closely with Parks/Recreation/Waterfront, Public Works, Burlington Fire, Burlington Police, connect with the Mayor’s office on a regular basis, and we have recently formed a relationship with City Arts to be a part of their Highlight New Year's Eve festival. Over our 35 years, all of the names and faces have changed, but the commitment and “get ’er done” spirit never changes. Thank You Burlington – we are proud to call this fine city our home!!

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Enjoy your holiday season!

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