There is a sign over one of the doorways in my childhood home that my father saw on a whim and immediately, for no particular reason other than that he liked it, purchased it. It’s nothing fancy or even prominent. I hardly even notice it anymore, until someone visiting points it out. It reads, “Where are you on your journey?” I don’t know much about vehicles (sorry dad) but I assume there are all sorts of gauges that measure how something motorized is doing on its journey. Fuel, oil, brakes, batteries... I’m probably just showing my lack of knowledge in this subject, but my point is, all of those things are parallel to things that send messages in the runner’s brain. The best I can do is to prepare. Fuel, fluids, plenty of energy. The rest is keeping up with the whack-a-mole game, corresponding with the gauges checking to see that everything is as it should be, convincing myself that I can, should, and will keep moving. Until I cross the finish line, that is. Then I’m gonna stop.

Today is another longest-run-ever day. I’m going for 20 miles, my second-to-longest run before the marathon. After a relatively tough week of long intervals and fast-finish medium-length runs (it’s weird that I consider 10-12 miles a medium-length run now...) I thought that I would be exhausted, but instead I feel ready. Knock on wood. But hey, as another Journey once said, Don’t Stop Believin’!

This coming week will continue the loop that training has been on: long run, recovery, speed work, recovery, repeat. It’s a pattern I’m getting to know and love. It kind of makes me wonder where my journey will take me after my marathon training has ended... what’s next?


Until next time!