As we all find ourselves in unusual times, the team at RunVermont would like to offer a few ideas to help maintain some sanity in the face of all this uncertainty. 

  1. GO FOR A RUN!!!
  2. Add something new to your fitness routine – chances are you either have some additional time on your hands or some additional hands (like your kids) that need some of your time.  Either way, burn off their steam and improve your fitness with some nature walks, hikes, cycling, rollerblading – anything but screen time.
  3. Add to your culinary prowess – find 2 or 3 new healthy meals to prepare each week
  4. Meditation – give it a go if you haven’t already.  It can be a great addition to the arsenal of stress relievers.  Lots of apps and videos out there.
  5. Help a neighbor in need – we're all in this one together, so don’t forget those who might benefit from a hand.  Just be sure to take precautions for them and yourself.
  6. Get familiar with universal precautions – learn about ppe, universal precautions and other approaches to keeping you and yours safe.
  7. Give that hobby you always wanted to try a test drive – write that book you’ve always had in the back of your head, learn to quilt or knit, whatever tickles your fancy – now could be a perfect time to explore.
  8. Do some reading – try something educational and something humorous
  9. Remember this is only temporary and that which does not break us only makes us stronger – but as a runner you already know that one.
  10. GO FOR A RUN!!