When I first started running road races in 2002, I had no idea what actually went into putting on a race. I would fill out my form and mail in my check. This was how you signed up for races back in 2002. Only the really big races had online registration.

It wasn’t until 2004 when I was surfing the GMAA website that I noticed they needed a treasurer. I enjoyed math back in school so why not reach out to learn more about the opportunity. I held this role for five years and then stepped into the Vice President position for two additional years. The time I spent on the board gave me a whole new perspective on what went into putting on a race. Needless to say, it was quite shocking!

From that point forward, I had a new level of appreciation for the people and organizations putting on races. When I participated in these events, I made a special effort to thank the volunteers from the registration pick-up to the numerous individuals working water stations. There is so much that goes into it and without their help a race would never be successful.

After my time with GMAA, I began volunteering with RunVermont I had always loved running the Vermont City Marathon so I decided it was time to give back to a race that had given me so much joy. This was another eye opening experience. I never realized it took the entire year to prepare for this race. So many times I would send in my registration form on November 1st and not think about it until Memorial Day weekend completely unaware of how many people were working behind the scenes to make it a successful event. I am proud to have worked together with the numerous volunteers who support one of the best races in Vermont.

It was exciting to give back to the race that was so special to me and I am proud of the time I gave supporting it. I loved knowing that I could be part of this event and was happy to lend my time. It has now given me a new perspective on how many people it takes to put on an event like this one.

I am grateful to give my time and love to be a part of something that brings a city together, not just by running, but also by supporting a healthy community event. I also had the pleasure of volunteering at youth program school events for each of my daughters.