We've gotten a few questions from Unplugged veterans now that registration has opened, so I thought I'd do a quick Q&A...

Q: During online registration, where is the section where I sign up for my bus to the start? A: The short answer is that there currently is no option to get a bus ride to the start (KEEP READING!!!).

Q: Okay Mr. Race Director Smart Guy, why is there no option for a bus ride to the start? A: The longer answer is that the course may be changing for 2020 to an out-and-back, and if so we will not need buses to the start. For those of you have who run in the past, the section from mile 9.9 to 10.6, which is on the bikepath in Burlington from Maple St to the old Blodgett's building on Lakeside Ave, is currently under construction. The city's goal was to have the construction finished by next month, but given all the rain lately and the recent snow, the work will probably not be completed until 2020. We lovelovelove our point-to-point course and we know you do too, but if we can't make that work we'll come up with a flat and fast option to keep with our 'No Frills No Hills' theme.

If we do come up with a course that is point-to-point and add busing to the start back into the mix, we will offer bus options first to those who registered first. So no worries, those of you who sign up early to race Unplugged are going to get first pick of your bus option if we end up offering buses.

We hope to have our course 100% finalized no later than mid-January and I'll be remeasuring it to make sure it's right on 21.0975km as soon as the snow melts this spring. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE measuring courses... and remeasuring courses... and re-remeasuring courses. These are the things that bring me joy in life!!

Q: What about relay teams in Unplugged? A: This goes along with the course conversation. For opening registration we're going with individual half marathoners only. Our traditional point-to-point course lends itself well to a relay option. The course options that are rising to the top in our discussions make for more complicated logistics for relay teams. So far, most of the courses under consideration would put the halfway point close to Airport Park. There is definitely potential to have relay teams in Unplugged2020, but we need to figure out a few things to make sure we can do it right and set up a great race experience for you relay monstahs.

If you are passionate about running the Half Marathon Unplugged as a relay team I'd encourage you to email me at joe@runvermont.org and let me know. I'm guessing some of you may already have your partner locked in and your transportation all planned out. A+ organization for you! If we know what you're thinking it's a big help in making decisions to build the kind of races that you want.