May 7, 2024



Alexandra Tursi

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RunVermont Announces New Non-Binary Awards Division for All Races & Cash Prize for M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon


Race organization also increases purse prize for Masters, First Vermonter, handcycle, and pushrim divisions


Burlington, VT - May 7, 2024 - RunVermont, the non-profit organizers of the iconic M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay, today announced an updated policy that expands its gender diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts to non-binary athletes through the opportunity  to compete for a cash prize and awards at the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and its other races. This move reflects the organization's commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable experience for all athletes to thrive and compete in a welcoming environment.


Athletes have already been able to register and participate in any RunVermont event with the gender by which they identify, with options including Female, Male, Non-Binary, and "Prefer Not To Say."


"At RunVermont, we are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and ensuring that our events are welcoming to athletes of all gender identities," said Beth Anderson (she/her), Chair of RunVermont’s board of directors. "Our updated award structure reflects this commitment and aligns with our mission to support running as a lifelong activity that engages our community. We had also increased the purse prize for athletes who race in the hand cycle and pushrim categories. We are proud to lead the way in creating a more equitable playing field for all participants."


Specifically, RunVermont has updated its award opportunities for the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay, for the first time awarding a 1st place cash prize in the Non-Binary Division of $2,400, which is equal to the cash prize amounts for 1st place finishers in the Female and Male Divisions. RunVermont has also changed the prize allocation for the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay to increase the Masters, First Vermonter, pushrim, and handcycle categories to $700 each. 

“At M&T Bank, we are deeply committed to issues of equity and social justice,” said Heidi Stumpff (she/her), Vermont Regional President for M&T Bank. “We’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Vermont City Marathon, and we applaud and support RunVermont’s courageous decision to recognize and reward runners of all identities and backgrounds in such a careful and considerate manner. This inclusive action undoubtedly makes the Vermont City Marathon a premiere athletic competition for runners around the world to compete against the very best.” 


RunVermont worked closely with several local organizations, including the Pride Center of Vermont, to shape the new policy.


“In a time when trans and non-binary athletes globally are facing discriminatory measures and ongoing challenges to their rights, this inclusive initiative by RunVermont represents a significant stride forward,” said Em Russo (they/them), Trans Program Manager with the Pride Center of Vermont. “Vermont has the opportunity to lead the charge towards equity and inclusion, setting a powerful example for communities worldwide. Pride Center of Vermont is excited to support and uplift RunVermont's addition of a nonbinary category with an equal cash prize in this year's M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay. Together, we can move towards a future where every individual feels seen, respected, and celebrated.”


"This is a significant step forward in our ongoing journey to better serve the needs of our gender-diverse athlete community,” said Joe Connelly (he/him), executive director of RunVermont. “We are dedicated to working closely with subject matter experts and industry leaders to ensure that our race procedures and policies align with evolving standards and remain at the forefront of progress." 


The new policy will be in effect for all RunVermont events, including the highly anticipated M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon and Relay, scheduled for May 26, 2024. Athletes  interested in participating can learn more and register at


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