RunVermont will be bringing live races back in a few short weeks. These events will have significant modifications to ensure compliance with all general guidelines for public health practices and specific directives that have been developed by RunVermont, in conjunction with the Governor’s Restart Task Force, the VT Department of Health and all applicable municipal agencies in the communities that will host fall races. The plan that was accepted by the Restart Task Force has been developed with guidance and input from numerous agencies including the WHO, CDC, USA Track & Field, USA Triathlon, Road Runners Club of America, and Running USA to name a few.

We consider it a privilege we've been granted the opportunity to move ahead with our race plans and it also represents a great responsibility. The underlying value in all RunVermont events is, and always will be, safety. That means we have an obligation to you, our volunteers and our community at large to ensure everyone stays safe. It also means we're going to require a few things from all of our runners.

As we return to live racing, the events will have expanded time frames (for example, Half Unplugged will take place over a 2 day period), specific wave assignments limited to 150 people/wave and designated venue arrival times, mandatory health screening, social distancing requirements, mask requirements prior to running, and other site considerations. Each race event will also have significant time staggers between waves (from 20 minutes to an hour). Please note there will be no race day registration for any of these events. New protocols will not allow for such activity and all race packets will be mailed prior to the event.

As the safety of our runners, volunteers, staff and community at large is our first concern, we will ask that all runners review and agree to the following Code of Conduct in order to participate in a RunVermont event in the fall of 2020.

Conditions of Participation:

  • Do not enter the premises if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are waiting for test results, or have COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath or other symptoms as established by the CDC
  • Adhere to the Vermont Department of Health guidelines for quarantine and isolation
  • Adhere to all federal, state and local regulations, recommendations and mandates regarding COVID-19
  • Practice social distancing. Keep a minimum 6’ (2 meters, 1 cow) distance between myself and others
  • Wear a facial covering/mask when at the race venue and not running

Specific Race Requirements:

  • I attest that I have not knowingly been in contact with a covid-19 positive individual within the past 14 days
  • I have not had a positive covid-19 test in the past 14 days
  • I am not currently exhibiting an elevated temperature or other covid-19 symptoms
  • I agree to arrive at the event site during my assigned arrival time, and will wear a mask until I commence the assigned race start time
  • I agree to adhere to all social distancing norms, to the best of my ability, throughout the event experience
  • I agree to leave the event site without social lingering upon completion of the event, as soon as I am able
  • I agree to cooperate with all contract tracing initiatives, as required by VT State Health officials, post-event
  • I understand that this event is a spectator free event and will not ask or invite friends/family who are not racing or volunteering to attend
  • I agree to follow the directions of race organizers at all times throughout the duration of the event
  • I understand that failure to comply with these rules may lead to disqualification and/or removal from the event and there will be no refunds if my participation is not allowed

We welcome all comments and feedback as we begin to run live events in the face of new challenges.

Best wishes to all, we hope to see you soon.

Peter & the team at RunVermont