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Lake Champlain and mini stonehenge


If the race start and finish is in Waterfront Park this year, and the post-race party is at Switchback Brewing Co. on Flynn Ave (editor's note, that's about 2 miles south of the start/finish), how do we get to the post-race party?

We will be providing buses from the start/finish area to and from Switchback Brewing Co., between 10:45am and 2:00pm. Both runners and spectators may use the buses. There is very limited parking near Switchback Brewing Co., we do not advise finishers or their families to drive to Switchback Brewing Co.. Please, in order for race organizers to maintain good relationships with the neighbors of Switchback Brewing Co., do not drive to the brewery! There is a lot of parking downtown, thousands of spots in garages, at city lots, and at meters. Please park downtown, run the race, and use our bus system to get to and from the post-race party.


Why is the course changed from a point to point to an out-and-back for 2020?

The city of Burlington is getting close to the end of a 5+ year project to rebuild and widen the entire 7 miles of the Greenway (bikepath). The last phase of the project, immediately south of downtown, between Maple St and Harrison Ave, was started in fall 2019, and was scheduled to be completed by December 2019. However, late October heavy rain storms and November snow raised the lake level and halted the project. The Greenway will continue to be closed in that area until the project is complete, which should happen in 2020 after Unplugged. That section was miles 9.9-10.8 of the usual Unplugged course.


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