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Runner on Church Street giving high fives to spectators

Fun Runs

Looking to meet some new friends to run with? Join us for RunVermont’s monthly Fun Run Series. This is all about building our Running Community. Come to run, and please bring a friend! 

We started our Fun Runs in January 2020, put them on hold in Marchbut we are excited to bring these back in 2021 and hope to have one almost every month. These are informal group runs with plenty of pace options, so no matter if you’re running 6-minute miles or 12-minute miles, plan on having someone to share a few miles with. Mostly runs are free, although we may offer a few that have the option of an inexpensive entry fee for the chance to race. How long are the Fun Runs? That’s entirely up to you. We’ll target 1-3-5-mile route options, but you are free to make your own distance. 

We’re planning on kicking off the 2021 Rdy2Run Fun Run series on Saturday, January 16 at 9am with our First Miles Run. We know it’s probably not your first miles of the year, but if your goal is to run the Vermont City Marathon, this weekend will mark the start of your training cycle leading up to Memorial Day weekend. The date and group run status for this one will depend on the status of recreational sports activities in Vermont as we get into mid-January. If we can meet to run, we will meet to run! 

In February, join us on Tuesday the 16 at 5:30pm for our February Rdy2Run Fun Run, Mardi Gras style. You’re thinking festive, we’re thinking festive, we’d love to see our fun runners in style for this evening run. 

The March Rdy2Run Fun Run celebrates our Mathlete friends, join us on Sunday, March 14 for our second annual Pi Day Fun Run. You’re welcome to Fun Run your own distance, but we’d like to suggest you race our 3.14-mile course. Racers will be eligible for some cool prizes. 

We have big plans for April-December. Watch our website and social media channels for details on where the meet-up location is for each Fun Run. We hope to move them around, so if you have a favorite training spot in your local community that you’d like us to come to just let us know and we’ll check it out. 


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