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Women running along a field

Rita Skertich Virtual Run for Brain Aneurysm Research

Rita Skertich Virtual Run for Brain Aneurysm Research
Sat 09/18 7AM – 7:01PM


VIRTUAL RUN! Grab a running mate, start a team or just tie up those laces and head outside on September 18th and support Brain Aneurysm Research!

The Rita Skertich Research Grant is intended to fund research topics that focus on prevention and treatment of brain aneurysms in Black and Hispanic populations and women. Elizabeth Ratta, a brain aneurysm survivor and a Bee Foundation 'share your story' contributor is passionate about spreading brain aneurysm awareness and particularly in the populations they disproportionately affect- those who are Black, Hispanic and women. This research grant is named for Elizabeth's grandma, Rita who also suffered a brain aneurysm, but at a time when there was limited treatment and support. The research grant will support the Black and Hispanic population and women in an effort to improve outcomes, accessibility, and a greater understanding of the discrepencies in their statistics - those in the Black and Hispanic population are twice as likely to have a brain aneurysm rupture compared to caucasion and women are 1.5 times more likeley than men to have a brain aneursym rupture.

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