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People’s Trust Company Run/Walk for Jim 5k and Kid’s Races
Sun 05/03

Peoples Trust Company Run/Walk for Jim 5k and Kids Races @ Collins Perley Sports and Fitness Center.

Win an apple pie!!! The 5K race is run on a paved loop in picturesque St. Albans. The first mile is fast with a gentle downhill. The second mile features a gradual uphill and the course finishes flat and fast.

Apple pies for top finishers and age group winners are always a crowd favorite! Walkers start at the same time and follow the same route. The Walk is not timed; however, Mimmo’s pizza are raffled for the walkers.

Kids Race. ($15.00)

You can make this a family affair! The kids races are at 8:30 and held on the track at the Collins Perley Complex. All finishers get a t-shirt and a medal. There is also face painting and cookies!!!

Categories Include:

2 year olds (Biddy Bashers 50 Meter Dash)

3&4 year olds -100 meter dash

5&6 year olds – 1/8 mile

7&8 year olds – 1/4 mile

9&10 year olds – 1/2 miles

11&12 year olds – 1 mile