(Be) Fair Weather Running

The 120th running of around mile 8 and made the decision to run slowly so that I could finish without being burnt to a crisp. By the time I made it to mile 18, the race was officially cancelled and I found myself, along with several thousand other runners, walking the remainder of the course to the finish line; it was a battle of attrition. As frustrating as it was to have trained hard all summer only to have the opportunity to race evaporate in that mid-west heat, I was still glad I got to the finish line – only slightly singed!

All of you are first time marathoners. As such, your main goal is to just finish under your own power without a care for time. If the weather does not cooperate, as it didn’t in Boston, don’t panic. Just slow down, drink fluids at every aid station, walk if necessary and appreciate the support of those willing to share their garden hoses with you. Most importantly, be safe. While finishing your first marathon would be great, it should never come at the expense of your own personal safety. Many marathons, including the People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon, have adopted heat strategies which were borne out of the Chicago experience and are meant to protect all runners from heat-related illnesses. Live to run another day!

Coach Sam Davis USATF Level 2 Certified Endurance Coach