The first hints of spring have given us all a tease of the season to come and enticed more than a few to lace up and go for a run. And if you want to extend the run and get started on a formal training program, we can help you out. You’ll find training plans for 5K, 10K and half marathon distances on our website.  Just visit  the Training page on our website to find a plan for you. These programs have been carefully assembled by a couple of women who are good friends of RunVermont, good runners and excellent coaches. 

Jamie Sheahan balances time her time at The Edge Sports & Fitness between working one-on-one with nutrition clients, personal training clients, teaching fitness classes and lecturing as an adjunct professor of sports nutrition at The University of Vermont.  Jamie has taken the time to build the half marathon training program that you’ll find on our website. This plan will have you prepared to run 13.1 miles on May 24th with the People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon

Complementing Jamie’s half marathon plans are the 5K and 10K plans compiled by Cheryl Aley.  Cheryl’s a USATF certified track and field coach who has been coaching in the Colchester schools for the past several years. Cheryl, like Jamie, brings great passion and experience as a runner to the table. 

What’s unique about these training plans is that they offer a digital coaching component. You’ll be able to log on to a dedicated Facebook group once a week and engage with Jamie or Cheryl to ask questions, pick up tips and hear what others have to say as well.   

For the half marathoners, Jamie’s first online session will be on Monday 3/2/20. Mondays are great timing to adjust the weekly plans while enjoying a breather on the rest day. To join Jamie's Facebook Group, go to:

For those pursuing the 5K and 10K training regimens, Cheryl will be online 3/10/20. This will also be a weekly session to further your training program as you move towards the race date. To join Cheryl's Facebook Group, go to:

And if someone out there has missed it, Coach Sam Davis is shepherding a crew of runners through the 2020 edition of the New 2 26.2 Marathon Training program. 

At RunVermont, we’re not just a bunch of event organizers, we’ve assembled a team to introduce you to running, show you how to connect with others and maximize your enjoyment of the sport. We have registered dieticians, USATF certified coaches, enthusiastic sponsors, industry experts and yes, the best event organizers around. Please join us in 2020 for an experience you’ll not regret. The hardest step is the first one.  Let’s do it together. Left, right, repeat – it's that simple.