Hello Runners & Walkers!!! Our inaugural RunVermont Virtual Adventure draws towards a close, with a last date for you to log miles that count being next Monday, September 7. We hope this program has been a motivator for you to keep your legs moving through what has been a hot summer in Vermont.

We have been excited to read all the posts and emails from you and it’s been fun to talk to some of you on the phone as we all move through our routes across or around the state. In looking through the current standings, it’s great to see so many of you have completed your route and earned your finisher’s shirts already. We encourage you to log into your account today and make sure it reflects all the miles you have done. And if you’re a few miles short of the route target that you signed up for, use this holiday weekend to close the deal!

The stats so far… 

  • In the Southern Crossing, the 45 mile route, 17 out of 25 entrants have completed the route
  • In the Northern Crossing, 126 miles, 44 out of 70 entrants have completed the route. A special shout-out to Jennifer Frantz of Morrisville, Jennifer you are within half a mile of your 126 mile goal, get out and complete your route!!
  • In the Canada to Mass Crossing, 219 miles, 95 out of 160 entrants have completed the route
  • And finally, in the biggie, the Around The State Challenge, 553 miles, 19 out of 46 entrants have successfully completed the challenge. 

Note that for some of you, if you originally signed up for a lower mileage route, finished that, then upgraded to a higher mileage route, and have completed at least the shorter route, you ARE a finisher! My stats don’t show that right now, but we’ll be double checking next week after this Adventure wraps up.