We thought we might give you all a heads up regarding some modifications to the RunVermont Grand Prix Race Series…and we think you’ll be excited. To start off, the 2019 Grand Prix Series will include Half Unplugged, The People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon (full marathon only), the Pine Street Mile and the Island Vines 10K. Resolution Run (formerly First Run) is no longer a requirement for completion of the GP Series. To date, we have 185 runners who are Grand Prix eligible! And don’t forget, volunteer service at any of the races can be substituted for a non-marathon race.

And we’re excited to announce that you can also participate in a virtual race to complete the 2019 Grand Prix as well. Virtual race options are available for both the Pine Street Mile and the Island Vines 10K. In order to have a virtual race qualify for the GP Series, you must complete the distance of the race within 7 days (either pre or post actual race date) and submit evidence of your run. We accept race results and screen shots from Garmin, Strava, Map My Run, etc. Heck, we’ll even take your grandmother’s word for it.

Fear not, you can still participate in a virtual race even if you’re not in pursuit of the Grand Prix. The more the merrier and we’ll be sure to have you post your virtual run on our social media channels, along with all the great posts from the actual race.

Don’t miss out, you can still be a part of the fun, even if you can’t attend. RunVermont’s virtual race option lets you compete and be a part of the event no matter where you might be on race day.

In order to register for a Virtual Race, go to: https://runsignup.com/pinestreetmile or https://runsignup.com/islandvines