Your runner has started the race, but  where can you go to cheer them on? You can utilize the RaceJoy mobile app to track their progress and make sure you can be in the right place at the right time.  Click here for more information regarding downloading the RaceJoy mobile app.

Due to the nature of the VCM course, it is really easy to see your runners many times.  After the start, it is just a couple blocks walk to Church Street, where runners will pass when on the third and ninth mile of the course. From there it is just a quick walk over to Battery Street along the fifteenth mile of the course. Lastly, just across Battery Street is Waterfront Park, where you can see all the runners cross the finish line.

95 Triple X radio will also be along Church Street providing some great tunes for both runners and spectators.  From there, spectators can easily access the SKIRACK 9.5 Mile Party, only a block from Church Street.  This will includes snacks and live music, featuring the band Rowan. This area of the course is also a very short walk from Battery Street, which features the beats of the Burlington Taiko Drummers. Waterfront Park making it a short walk along the lake between those areas.

As runners approach the finish line, Waterfront Park is the place to be.  Not only can you see all the runners' hard work pay off when they cross the finish line, but there is so much going on.  The Waterfront Park area will have places to meet up with your runner so much more.  The People's Pavilion will have plenty of opportunities to create signs and grab cowbells to encourage all the runners as they finish the race.  For the second straight year, Waterfront Park will have the music of Yankee Pot Roast played over near the beer tent.  Also, feel free to swing by the Run Vermont merchandise tent to pick up all sorts of swag to help you remember that awesome time you came to Burlington for the marathon.

Feel free to take a look at the full course map to determine where you would like to head and see the runners.