The weather outside is frightful, but for some of us we don't have access to a treadmill or just yearn to be out of doors no matter what. Cold temperatures are a deterrent, but there are many layering techniques to "outrun" Mother Nature. The other obstacle is staying upright on slippery roads. There are certainly high tech (and expensive) shoes out there that are made for running in slick conditions. We are big fans of the DIY "Screw Shoe."

Here is how to make a pair of your very own screw shoes

  • A pair of running shoes. I often use a gently used pair.
  • 32 to 48 - 3/8 hex washer head, slotted sheet metal screws. These can be purchased at any local hardware store.
  • A drill with a socket bit. You can use a screwdriver that accepts a socket bit if you don't have access to a drill.
  • Mark your shoes with a sharpie for the location you would like to place your screws. For placement think about key contact points.
  • Secure shoe with legs or other stable location.
  • Place the screw in socket and depress/screw into the sole of the shoe.
  • Repeat 32 to 48 times. I recommend 16-24 screws per shoe.
  • See Video Demo Here
Away You Go!