The RunVT Grand Prix??? Well, that sounds pretty good. All four races in 2016, each a different distance, AND then you get a special jacket?!! I am all in for commemorative race swag!!! It got me, hook, line, and sinker! GrandPrixLogo_skirack2

Here begins the tale: it's Christmas Eve and I am listening for the last sounds of evidence that my two kids (7 and 2) are still awake, waiting for silence or snoring so that Santa can come. I decide to check my email, it's been a hectic couple of days, so I am sure I missed something.

There it is, another email about FirstRun 5k...then at the tail end, in fine print...the Grand Prix!

This can't be too hard. I planned on FirstRun anyway, heck that's why I opened this email. I did Unplugged Half last year. I have always wanted to do Island Vines and that's only a 10K! Perfect!!!

Oh yeah right, there is that little detail of the 26.2 miles that is the PUBVCM....that's right kids, no relay!! You HAVE to complete the FULL marathon. You know what? Forget it, I have plenty of jackets, never mind.

Then, when my defenses are down with Holiday Fever, here comes that little inside voice, "C'mon, what are you worried about? You have said for a long time, "I'll do a full when the kids are a little older." You live in Colchester. You can train on the course (do the Battery Street Hill everyday if you want)! You can wake up in your own bed the morning of the race. You did half of it last year! You had a great time, remember (Lakewood Estates at Mile 18 ring a bell?)? C'mon!!! Didn't you really want to try your first one when you turned 40?" Denise

My 40th was in October...I sometimes really hate my inside voice!!

Well, a few clicks later, (good thing I memorize my credit card info...I was on a roll) I registered for FirstRun, Unplugged, AND VCM.

Merry Christmas TO ME!!

May 29th is still 5.5 months away. I have a good amount of time to train (with 2 kids and being a surgeon, but hey, lots of women do it) and I just did Disney Half Marathon last week, so I'll probably live to see June 1st...but please join me on this journey as a first time (thrilled and simultaneously terrified) marathoner!

(I really need to tune out that little voice next time).