Race Transfer and Deferral Policy

A participant may transfer his/her registration from one race to another by using the registration fee paid for one race as a credit toward a future race. This policy applies to the following four RunVermont races: Half Marathon Unplugged, Pine Street Mile, Island Vines 10K,  and Resolution Run

This policy DOES NOT apply to the Vermont City Marathon and Relay.

  • A participant can use their registration fee paid for any of the above four races as credit toward a future RunVermont race held within one year, or toward same race the following year.
  • If credit is less than registration fee of the future race, a participant will pay the difference in registration fees between the two races. However, if credit is greater than registration fee of future race, the participant will not receive a refund.
  • The credit amount consists solely of the registration fee; processing fees and any purchases or donations are excluded.
  • A participant may not split credit among future races; credit is only allowed for one future race.
  • A participant currently registered for more than one race at the same time cannot combine credits from both races toward a future race.
  • Credits may only be used toward races for which participant is not currently registered.
  • Once a transfer is complete, the participant is withdrawn from the original race.
  • The policy does not apply to participants who have received comp entries.
  • A participant cannot transfer out of a race after 11:59pm the day prior that race’s start date.
  • The deferral option may be used if a participant wants to transfer to the same race the following year and that race is not currently open.
  • If a race is sold out, a transfer may not be used to enter that race.
  • Transfer credits may not be used for race day registration.
  • Instructions on transferring to another race can be found here.
  • To request a race transfer to a race not currently open, please contact us here.