This weekend's temperatures solidify for me something I already knew, I am a huge wimp! I hate the cold and I really don't like running in cold weather, but with the wind chills this weekend, it seemed down right dangerous.  So to get the runs in, I escape to the relative warmth of my basement and the treadmill (running purists have now thrown their laptops across the room.)

It gets worse...I WATCH MOVIES. ALOTO There, I feel better admitting my egregious training faux pas.

I have discovered a few challenges to winter training for a Spring marathon. Darkness is one.  Daylight Savings Time cannot come soon enough. Food is another.  With the big eating (and drinking...yes I am including Super Bowl) holidays behind us, we are upon Valentine's Day.  In a way, training is good, you get some extra calories.  But, I have realized they just can't be from the Russell Stover boxes that are everywhere. Germs are yet another.  Hard to run at 7am when you've held a febrile toddler all night long.  One kid sneezes in your face as you kiss them good night and then you find yourself being very thankful that at least your house has not been hit by "that horrible tummy bug" that has been going around school.

In the end, it's the challenges that make the training even better I guess.  One foot in front of the other to log the miles (even if it is while watching A League of Their Own for the 100th time).