Spring has sprung, and pollen is everywhere. Particularly, it is in every crevasse of my sinus cavities. This admittedly beautiful attack of nature has made this week of running more than a little tough. Oxygen, it turns out, is crucial component to this sport. In fact, it’s a crucial component to living, but since running has become the main shareholder of my life as of late, the two are essentially one and the same.

In middle school English class, I was introduced to the concepts of Shakespearian comedies and tragedies. It wasn’t until upper-level college Spanish literature classes, however, that I more extensively studied the combination comedic tragedies common around and after that same era. I only mention this because this week, I was a (kind of) living, (kind of) breathing comedic tragedy in the making.

IMG_2068e a bit, usually by catching your breath, that’s nearly impossible to do when your breath can’t be caught. So there I was, just like in middle school soccer, huffing and puffing and gasping and panting, to no avail. Here I am, with higher stamina than I’ve probably ever had, and yet so easily brought right back to where I started by good old Mother Nature. Poetic, really.

Anyhow, the allergies have seemed to clear up now and I’m gearing up for my last week of real mileage before a really light last week before race day. The days seem like they’re flying by now, which makes me wonder if the miles will fly by just as quickly!


Until next time!