Hey there everyone, it’s Ellane. It’s Week 3 of training! As I think about the week it starts something like this: Cool, an extra rest day in training this week and less overall miles. I have a head cold, which sucks, as controlling breathing when running is pretty important. Okay, so I am going to take an extra rest day and start the miles tomorrow. I am just going to work through this head cold and let’s see how it goes.

Good news, my shoes came in a little early, so let’s break these babies in. Great week to break in new shoes. When lacing up your new running shoes, do you use the “lace lock or heel lock” hole? If you don’t use the extra one, you may want to give it a try—it’s pretty simple. In that extra hole, place the lace on the same side through, then cross over and put the lace through the little hoop you made when putting the opposite lace through the extra hole. It works so well for keeping your laces in place. You can totally look it up online, as I may not have explained that very well.

Overall not a bad week. Long run was a bit hard, as it was a million degrees in the gym.


Week three was definitely better than the previous two. I have learned that I cannot take more than one day off between runs because I feel like I lose conditioning so quickly, and then my next run is horrible!  I spent most of the week on a treadmill because I was traveling, and that was emotionally abusive. I feel my endurance getting better though, but I still have a long way to go.  I have been getting chewed up with blisters, but I put new inserts in my shoes and that seems to have helped.  I'm to the point where I'm going to consider different socks maybe, but I definitely need to invest in some upgraded gear.

I have moments that I think there is no way I will be prepared to do this, but then I see the pics of my nieces training, and then I have a really good run day and I feel more encouraged. So far I'm having fun with it, but it's not a walk in the park by any means.

I'm ready for Week 4.


Until next time! #familyfun