Okay, wow. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted last (I’m sorry!) – which may have left some of you thinking that I had been overtaken by the dark side and given up on training…which is fair to have thought given the tone of my last entry.

Shortly after that post went up I received several messages from friends and family reassuring me that things were going to be fine – that they believe in me, they’re proud of me, etc. My friend who is also running the race told me that she would tie me to her to get to the finish line if necessary – and that she had a dream (a few weeks prior to that post actually) where she had to give me a piggyback ride to the finish coming from mile 23…which she said she would make a reality if she had to, haha.

Along with those messages were the ones from fellow runners, who I don’t know personally, via Facebook filled with encouragement and reassurances – THANK YOU! The longer training goes on the more I’m learning that the running community, both locally and at large, is a very supportive one and I’m glad to be a part of it – you guys rule!

Now – all sorts of things have been going on while I’ve been all quiet on the blogging front.

First, and most importantly of all: Training is starting to involve some days with weather (and enough daylight) that’s conducive for outdoor runs!! That first day that I went out when it was 50 degrees or so…it felt SO GOOD that I ran my first mile in under 10 min! Since that’s not a pace that I normally maintain, once I saw it flash on my Garmin I cringed a little and made the necessary speed adjustment so I’d be able to actually finish the entire run.

Now I’ve been a Brooks loyalist for the past…however many years it’s been since I started buying ACTUAL running shoes. My shoe of choice has been the GHOST for all of those years as well – they’ve been good to me. We’ve had a nice, solid, reliable relationship…until this year. This year…we kind of broke up when I was introduced to the GLYCERIN. I almost didn’t even try on other shoes…but I was interested to see if I would feel any sort of difference between support shoes and neutral shoes (and I DID!) and since I liked the look of the GLYCERIN’s…I know, I know don’t buy shoes JUST because you think they’re pretty…I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them on. (If I HAD bought a pair just because I thought they were pretty it would have been the gorgeous blue RAVENNA’s btw…but they were a support shoe and they felt weird to me so…no.)

I still need to go and have a proper shoe fitting sometime – Fleet Feet was TOTALLY PACKED when we went…and I wasn’t sure what the parking situation would be downtown to get to Ski Rack. (Mom has bad hips and knees so I didn’t want to make her hike 2 billion miles just to get me shoes lol.) But so far…I’m loving the GLYCERIN’s.

I’m debating whether or not I want to wear them at Craft Brew Run the weekend before Vermont City…or if I want to wear shoes that will just look totally badass with my costume – which would mean I’d have to walk the race course. Hmm…now that I’m thinking about it there would be way more potential for injury in the badass shoes. The absolute last thing that I need is to screw myself up ONE WEEK before the biggest race of my life.

Proper shoes it is. But if you’re at Craft Brew and you see me there…just know that I WANT to be wearing totally badass, knee high, corset-lace-up-the-back, platform wedge, leather boots. In fact, when you see me at the marathon you should know that I want to be wearing them THEN too, haha.

Okay, I’m going to go back to being on vacation now – not from training…just from work! I’ll update you all on my shenanigans soon…promise!

Until next time,


(Whose decision to start watching all of the random documentaries in her Netflix queue has made for some…*interesting* viewing history these days, haha!)