Ellane Here

Hello, people! Let's think about week 8. Began the week with my first outside run, it was still a bit cold for me, but I made it and didn’t die! Although, for a good two or three hours after I kept coughing, that was super fun.post run

Then we got snow, so much snow, the next four days. Treadmills for Angela and I, as she was staying at my house for school break. I stand by my earlier post about Angela being fast, or at least faster than me, haha!

This week my shins have been messing with me, but it seems to pass fairly quickly. Is it possible to feel like lead and jello at the same time while running? Yeah, I think that’s what I felt like while running the never-ending miles. for the long run.

Now that we are in the second phase of training or the mid section of training. I am hoping things will get better and more consistent with my running and breathing. Some days are great and others not so much, which is to be expected. We will be running so many miles or hours, as  I am not quick enough to get the highest amount of miles in the 2-3 hours we are given with our long run day. Which is fine, as what matters is listening to my body and being consistent. That is what will get me through to the end.

Kimber's Thoughts

KimberThis week I got back in the game and started putting some serious miles in. Now that I’m doing the relay, I feel a lot of pressure taken off. My body is responding well to a much-needed break. I feel strong, and I’m starting to think of some ways doctors are smart people. In other ways I think I understand why they call it “practicing” medicine. The weather has been improving which makes for nicer runs outside, but Mother Nature is fickle, so there have been days with 45 mph winds. Horrible! I’m looking forward to this upcoming week and feeling really good about my progress!


Happy running everyone! #familyfun