Ellane Here!

Hello all you lovely people, it's Ellane! This was week 11— seriously 11. We have 7 weeks to go, can you believe it? I really can’t. We have been working so hard! Have you noticed any changes in yourself, your appetite, your appearance? I have! Currently, I am getting my diet under control and meal prepping better so I don’t feel like I need to eat everything. I have lost some weight which is great! Overall, I am feeling stronger.

Focus on Yourself

This journey through training has been interesting to say the least. Currently, I am in a happy place with it right now. I feel week 11 was one of my best weeks to date. I don’t generally try to PR or anything, I just try to get my miles in one way or another. Do you realize a mile run is the same as a mile walked?— it's still a mile. As I see a lot of runners out there I try to keep that in mind while training. Some runners are in way better condition then I am. I try not to compare where I am to others.

Ellane week 11

I've found I get really bored running. I don’t know why walking on a treadmill is somehow less boring. I just keep going! Sometimes it feels like  I am the energizer bunny in the commercials.

Anyway, this week I was amazed by my progress! I PR’d my 5k, which might not be as big to some, but it was huge for me, it was during my long run. I was still able to keep going because it came organically. My long run this week felt great, even though I figured I'd be running more outside. I am trusting the treadmill more. I'm not sure that is a good thing! Also, I have to run with one hand on the machine for a couple reasons: I kind of wander when I run so it keeps me in line and I just don't trust machines. Time will tell, but I think I am starting to find this allusive stride thing.

Fueling for the Race

I will be starting to try some different fuels for my long runs for sure. I tried jelly beans a couple years ago. They seemed to be one of the only things that worked for me. They are small portable and allergy friendly. I need to think about hydration a little more—mostly if I am going to carry it or not. Races seem to have enough stations that I haven’t really needed to do this. When you have done most your training on a treadmill it holds all your things for you, which is not going to happen during the race. Most likely I will need to experiment with these things a bit more. So many things to think about. It's good thing we still have time!

Until next time, keep training hard.