Hi All, Ellane here, many things have been going on through training weeks 6 & 7, school vacations, long hours, getting sick, and news from the family that put a snag in some things. Everything has started turning around and are looking much more promising!

Working hard to get my miles in with all the other unexpected life stuff. We are now over 1/3rd of the way through training. Think about it we are working hard, to achieve our goals and are coming along.

I joined a second gym, it seemed silly but joined one closer to my house for days with bad weather or on days I have less time to go to the gym, as I am currently about 30 minutes from my first gym. Both gyms have different options that work for me. Since TOD (treadmill of death) needs to see a doc or something, I figured it would be safer to retire TOD until there is time to get proper diagnostics.

For now, We move forward into next phase of training. Things to work on: consistency, breathing and one day at a time.

What is happening in West Virginia with Kimber?

Kimber here; The last two weeks were disappointing. I had to take time off from running due to injury, and now I've had to switch to doing the relay instead of the full marathon. I'm really bummed about that, but I'm still in the game, so now I'm back to running this week. The weather here in WV has been very inconsistent. One day sunny and beautiful in the 50s, the next day 45 mph wind and 20 degrees. This makes it hard to train consistently, but I'm going to resort to the treadmill again to combat it. If injury can't keep me down, then neither can Mother Nature (I hope!). After having two weeks off from running, I do feel much better, so perhaps the break wasn't such as bad thing. My blisters had time to heal, and I've adopted a new diet plan to help. Let's do this!

What has Angela been doing?

Angela present; It’s been super busy keeping up with life as a college student. I have been getting my miles in pretty consistently. I had been having trouble with shin splints; my coach gave me different stretches and things to help with those. My cousin Ellane suggested trying knee-high compression socks as well. Have you tried compression socks? I bought a couple of pairs as pro compression was running a deal. The sock takes some skill to get on, but seem to be helping with the shin splints and recovery time.

I try to run outside as much as possible, let’s face it running on treadmills can get boring at long distances. Week seven’s long run threw in a curve ball while running, I lost my (Texas) drivers license, my friend, my cousin and I went out to try and find it, but at this point, it has not been located. Those little pockets in the waistband of pants are great and all until the time the fail! It will be fun trying to get a replacement at least it’s not my only form of identification.

On with the adventures of training!

Until next time! #familyfun