Hello all. It’s Ellane! The past two weeks of training for weeks 13 &14 have been busy. Week 13 started off with more gains and positive vibes. Thinking nothing can stop me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Week 13

So, here it goes. I injured myself in the most ridiculous manner. Seriously, as much as we love the people, pets, and things in our lives, sometimes they all get in the way. I was in doing some bills in my office, I come out and trip epically on a dog ball. Now let me give you a picture of how this happened: I was walking through the doorway out of my office and suddenly out of nowhere an orange and blue dog ball was under my right foot. As I was walking I slid over this ball and twisted my right knee one way and my left leg reacted in a way to keep me from hitting the floor. So, my next couple of steps after were a bit all over the place. I realized that did not feel good at all. My shines and right knee were strained. I decided it would be best to take at least one rest day. After the extra rest day it was long run day. I decided, with Sarah's persuasion, that I take it easy. As I was still having pain in my shins especially going up and down inclines or stairs.

Week 14

That brings us to week 14— an easier week! This was a good training week for me. I was able to run outside again which is helpful of course. My body was doing well and I've been consistent.

I noticed on social media sites there are many people feeling discouraged and not sure if they can complete the marathon. They have done the training and been as consistent as possible, but feel like they are not fast enough, good enough, or haven’t trained hard enough. I also realize that people are getting scared because it is now a month away. Before now you couldn’t really see it on your calendar— it was still off in the distance. Now it's right here!

These are all normal feelings. Even the most seasoned runners second guess their skill sets and training. People have doubt. It's normal. Attempting and finishing will make all your training and hard work pay off. You all have put in the time and the training. Your body knows what it needs to do. Keep going you are almost there! Don’t end your marathon before it actually happens with thoughts of doubt. You put in the training and you have the tools to get you to the finish line. Now keep your inner voice in check because it can steer you wrong. Just know that you have this and have prepared! YOU CAN and YOU Will complete YOUR GOAL.

Until next time #familyfun