This week, I successfully completed my longest run ever--a 2.5 hour jaunt that I honestly wasn’t totally confident I’d be able to do. While training, I’ve treated my long run days like I used to treat race days. I’ve been extra particular about what and when I eat, how much I sleep, what I wear, and what time I head out. This time, all of those precautions somehow fell to the wayside.

The night before my longest run, I didn’t sleep very well. I woke up with a turbulent stomach. It was laundry day, and as such I was unable to don my favorite tights and had to settle for the ones that weren’t in the middle of the spin cycle. Overall, I felt kind of icky. I tried to remedy my less-than-ideal situation with a few glasses of water and repeatedly scouring the Weather Channel app to determine when the best conditions would hit. Still, the memory of my exhaustion at the end of my last “longest” run nudged at my confidence. But I had already moved this ahead two days due to schedule conflicts--it had to happen.

MucIMG_2006The next day, a similar story. An hour at half marathon pace and I was just peachy. The following day’s intervals weren’t all that torturous, either. I was, and am, dumbfounded... but not upset! Maybe the stars aligned this time. Maybe hard work really does pay off. Regardless, I wish this magical bout of fatigue immunity on everyone!

Coach Kim told me that these next few weeks would include a lot of intervals and pace work, getting to the marathon-specific point of my training. I’m excited, especially with a more spring-like climate swooping in. I’m also looking forward to participating in the 37th Annual Sap Run in St. Albans next month. It’ll be my first road race since the Kingdom Challenge in October, and my last one before the marathon!

Happy training, everyone!