One week to go.  I can’t believe that all of my training miles, assorted preparations, and anticipation will culminate this weekend!  I’m really looking forward to race day.  If you see me out there, please shout words of encouragement.  I’ll be needing them!

I ran the Burlington “Cycle-the-City” course this week.  It was great 8 mile run on a beautiful day, and the end of anything resembling long mileage until next weekend.  From here on out, I just have 3, 4, and 2 mile runs left to complete before Sunday.  I’m not sure what else I can do to get ready.  I’ve completed my training program and folloChurch Streetwed the recommended mileage as closely as anyone can (I only had one training related blister and still have all of my toenails!).  I’ve worked on my nutrition plan.  I’ve gone from running with no water bottles, moved up to one bottle, then two, three, and four bottles.  What fears do I have left to conquer?  There are two things I’m still worried about: bonking, and fighting my nemesis- Mother Nature

As far as my bonking fear goes-- I fully expect to be completely spent at the end of 26.2 miles, but if I am still feeling complete exhaustion at the end of my 20 mile training runs, how am I going to complete the extra, and hardest 6.2 miles?  I guess I’ll just hope that running on tapered, well rested legs will be much different than completing a 20 mile training run on purposefully tired legs.  I’m also betting on a little bit of race day magic.  Perhaps the cheering crowds and thousands of runners will add an adrenalin spike containing enough power to carry me over those final 6.2 miles.

As for the weather…I’m a science teacher with very little faith in the validity of a 10 day weather forecast.  But I can tell you that I’m watching each day’s weather prediction more carefully than my students are watching the calendar for summer vacation.  I’m living in fear of a warm weather marathon.  I don’t do well in high heat on my best days, and the thought of running a marathon in heat and humidity is scarier to me than monsters in the closet are to a five year old child.  Thus far the predictions are looking good.  My fingers are crossed!

Not that I’m done with the race yet, but I can’t help but wonder what comes next.  I’ve already crossed skydiving and hang-gliding off my bucket list.  Next week I’ll hopefully be able to cross running a marathon off the list too.   Guess I’ll need to sit down and add some interesting “to-do’s” to my list.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll sign up for another marathon, and attempt a PR.  But first, I’ll admire my freshly cut lawn, finish my beer, and wait excitedly for next Sunday (while watching the weather forecast, of course).