They say that doctors make the worst patients. I think that maybe we need to expand that statement to include EMTs. I took a pretty good whack to the head this week and have been a bit loopy since the incident. I’m sure that I had/have a concussion, but I was too stubborn to seek medical attention. Everyone kept telling me not to complete my running mileage, but it’s my last big push in weekly mileage before beginning my taper and I didn’t feel as though I could put it off, and I certainly didn’t want to push it into my taper week(s). So, with that background, I went out for my second and final 20 mile this weekend. Saturday had picture perfect running weather. I can only hope that Mother Nature is as kind to me/us on Marathon weekend! I met some friends at Battery Park and off we went. My managed to run the hill again, and my overall recovery for the day was very quick. I’m not sure that I’d have wanted to get in another short run that day, but I honestly think that I could have. My legs were fine after a few hours. It was mentioned to me that perhaps my issue isn’t necessarily nutrition, but hydration instead. I can buy this as a plausible explanation, because when I add up my fluid intake over the course of the run, it simply wasn’t enough. I’m now wondering and hoping that extra fluid intake can help to counter the end game. Additionally, in a chat earlier this week with Sam Davis, USATF coach, he mentioned that running 20 miles on purposefully tired legs is much different than completing 26.2 on fresh legs post-taper. I guess we shall find out soon enough. After all, the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon is happening in just three short weeks! Any comments/suggestions? Find me on my blog and leave me a note! Until next week, Greg