Race Day is almost here….

And the excitement is building, moment by moment. Months of preparation and training are about to be put to the test. Some have already taken notice of the long range forecast and it looks like race conditions could be hot. The Vermont City Marathon follows the guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine in regards to heat related exertional illnesses. These guidelines are published in the event’s Runners Handbook on page 14.

At this time we anticipate that the race will proceed without modification but athletes should anticipate conditions in the Red zone of the guidelines, take appropriate precautions and monitor one’s own condition throughout the race.  The race production team will be implementing additional initiatives to provide relief measures along the course.

We will be looking at weather forecasts throughout the week and will provide a daily update beginning on Thursday at 1pm. Please be sure to review these updates as they’re intended to benefit our runners.  You will be able to find them on our website in the blog - The RunDownVCM.

Peter Delaney Executive Director -RunVermont